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Strawberry & Cream Chex Mix

Our church is having their annual English Tea this week and I always make fun things for the bake sale room.  I have been spending way to much time on Pinterest and you will hear me say "Pinterest gets me into trouble ALL THE TIME!"

So one of the things that caught my eye, was this Strawberry & Cream Chex Mix.  I double the original recipe and here is what I did:

10 oz white chocolate or white vanilla candy melts
10 oz red candy melts (Found in craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
10 cups rice chex cereal, divided in 2 parts
1 cup strawberry cake mix
1 cup powdered sugar
Valentine Sprinkles
1 bag of Valentine M&M's (I always find these at Target.

 Put 5 cups rice chex cereal into a large bowl.

Slowly melt white chocolate in the microwave, stopping it every 30 seconds or so to make sure it doesn't burn.  I always do it in a glass bowl.

Add melted white chocolate to chex cereal and lightly stir to coat evenly.

Add the powdered sugar to a large ziploc bag.  Then carefully add the chex cereal and white chocolate mixture to the ziploc bag.   Shake gently until the cereal is coated completely.  I like to pour the mixture out onto a cookie sheet lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper.  I like to use the 2 gallon bags.  I find them at Walmart usually on the bottom shelf.

Repeat the same process with the red candy melts and strawberry cake mix (instead of the powdered sugar).

Allow to cool completely and then combine the two kinds of cereal together in a large bowl and add M&Ms.

Since I portioned them out into servings, I then sprinkled some cute Wilton Valentine Sprinkles on top.

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