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August 29th Lunch

Whole Wheat Wrap with Roast Beef and Colby Jack Cheese

Fruit Side:  Apple Slices

Veggie Sides:  Red Ants on a Log

Snacks:  Colby Jack Cheese Stick, Oreo Yo Crunch Yogurt and Popped Chocolate Rice Cake

Fruit Punch Capri Sun to drink


August 28th Lunch

Half a Cuban Sandwich from Publix

Fruit Sides:  Apple Slices and Cantaloupe

Veggie Sides:  Mini Cucumber slices and carrots

Snacks:  M&M Yo Crunch Yogurt and Sweet & Salty Popped Chex Mix

Fruit Punch Capri Sun to Drink


August 27th Lunch

Bagged Salad mix with extra peppers, carrots, mini cucumber slices, Roast Beef and Ham

Fruit Sides: Apple Slices, Strawberries and Nutella

Snacks:  Chocolate Chip Z Bar and Pretzels (that she also dips into Nutella)

Orange Capri Sun


August 26th Lunch

Flat Out Wrap with Salad Mix, Ham and Colby Jack Cheese.

Fruit Sides:  Pineapple chunks and Strawberries

Veggie Sides:  Cucumbers and Snap Peas with Ranch Dressing

Snacks:  Chips Deluxe Grips, Sweet & Salty Popped Chex Mix and Chocolate Chip Z Bar

Lemonade Capri Sun to drink.

Today I added an extra snack since we were heading to the library to work on homework.


August 25th Lunch

Bagged Salad mix, extra carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, honey ham, tomatoes, Colby Jack cheese, sliced almonds and Craisins with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Fruit: cantaloupe and red grapes.

Snacks: pretzels and lemon cookie Zbar

Orange Capri Sun to drink


August 22nd Lunch

Spinach Wrap with Roast Beef and Colby Jack Cheese

Fruit sides:  Apple Slices and Cantaloupe

Veggie sides: Cucumber Slices and Snap Peas with Ranch Dressing

Snacks:  Fiber One Brownie and White Cheddar Popped Chex Mix

Lemonade Capri Sun to drink


August 21st Lunch

Spinach Wrap with Turkey and Colby Jack Cheese

Fruit Sides:  Strawberries and Cantaloupe

Veggie Side:  Sliced Yellow and Red Mini Peppers, Carrots and a couple grape tomatoes with Ranch Dressing

Snacks:  Fiber One Brownie, Cheddar Cheese Stick, Sweet & Salty Popped Chex Mix

Lemonade Capri Sun to drink


August 20th Lunch

Spinach wrap with turkey, Colby jack cheese, and salad mix.

Fruit Sides: Apple slices, strawberries and Nutella.

Veggie Sides: sliced cucumber and snap peas with Ranch Dressing.

Snacks: peanut butter crackers and a peanut butter chocolate Clif Kids bar.

Orange Capri Sun to drink.


August 19th Lunch

Today's lunch is a Spinach Wrap with Salad Mix, Roast Beef and Colby Jack Cheese.

Red Pepper Slices, Snap Peas, Strawberries, and Red Grapes.

Snacks:  Pretzels, Key Lime Pudding and an Iced Oatmeal Cookie Clif Kid Bar

Capri Sun


First day of school lunch

Salad Mix from a bag and I added in shredded carrots, yellow pepper strips, cucumbers and grape tomatoes.

Deli Turkey, cheddar cheese cubes and Ranch Dressing

Iced Oatmeal Cookie Clif Kids Bar, Cheese stick, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Sweet & Salty Popped Chex Mix and Capri Sun.

The only thing left after lunch was the Chex Mix and Z Bar which she ate on the way home from school.


Camo/Duck Dynasty Cupcakes

I made another big batch of Camouflage Cupcakes for Miss V's friend's birthday.  Since his "theme" was Duck Dynasty I went in search of some cool toppers.  I didn't want typical plastic rings.  I found these really cool Cupcake Toppers on Etsy.

These came out cute and tasty!


Duck Dynasty Cupcake Toppers

One of Miss V's friends has a birthday coming up and his mom asked if I could make Camouflage Cupcakes again for him.  Sure!  She told me his theme is Duck Dynasty, so I went searching for cupcake toppers.  I didn't want the cheesy plastic rings.  I found a shop on Etsy called Printable Parties to Go that had the topper and wrapper.  I bought them right away.

I printed them this weekend and then started thinking of what to put on the back of the topper.  I usually use thick scrapbook paper.  So Miss V and I found some camo paper at Hobby Lobby.  Sometimes it is a pain to keep the papers together until dry so I started thinking again.  I thought maybe camo duck tape or contact paper.

Yesterday we all went to Walmart and picked up a roll of Real Tree Easy Liner.  While looking at it I started thinking it might be a bit to busy, so I picked up a roll of taupe too.

This morning I decided to make a sample of each.

Well I am liking the camo more than I expected.  What do you think?????


Back to school shopping

I also have been thinking that this school year, I am going back to blogging what Miss V has for lunch. I had a follower comment a while back that they didn't really want to see all sorts of school lunch posts and that kind of made me upset. Comments on blogs are personal whether they are positive or negative. As much as I love Pinterest, I have noticed now since everyone uses it, I get way fewer comments. I know that when I try a recipe from Pinterest and it is good I do try and leave a comment for the blogger. School starts in a couple weeks so I will be posting regularly again.

Back to school shopping has begun.  Miss V starts back next week and while at Walmart last week I saw the Rubbermaid LunchBlox on sale.  So I picked up the Salad Kit and Sandwich Kit.  The main reason I wanted to try them, is the Blue Ice pack.  I like how the components snap onto the ice pack.  One of Miss V's complaints has been that the ice packs that we currently use sometimes gets to close to her crackers or chips and they feel soggy by lunch time.  At her school the kids have to bring lunch all 5 days as we don't have a kitchen that serves food.  In a couple weeks, usually after Labor Day, Pizza Friday starts.  You can choose to order pizza for the whole school year and I am really hoping that it comes from Marcos again.

And speaking of Pinterest, what is up with all those OVER THE TOP lunch ideas.  Do people actually do that everyday for their kids?  I can see once in a while, but wow....

I think Miss V and I need to talk a bit this week about what she wants in her lunches next week.  The first week of school sometime is hard just getting back into the routine.  We are working on getting her back into a routine this week by going to bed early and using her alarm to wake up at 6:30.  Next week she will be getting up at 5:30.  I know she isn't looking forward to that part.  She is looking forward to seeing some of her friends that she hasn't seen all summer.

When do your kids start back to school and how often do you have to pack lunches?  I would love to hear your comments.

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