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YCA at Home?

So I was checking an email address that I use for online purchase/spammy type of stuff.  Well this morning this caught my eye.


Curated just for you and your child, our twelve month program will take your child through a sequence of hands–on cooking lessons and fun activities, thoughtfully designed to build cooking skills to last a life time.  Each month your child will receive a sticker to place on their “Progress Tracking Poster” as they work toward the goal of becoming an official YCA Master Chef.  At the completion of the program, your child will be able find their way around the kitchen and through recipes with confidence.  They will also receive a specially embroidered patch commemorating their coveted “Master Chef” status.

As a member, each month a packet addressed to your child, containing specially themed recipes, lessons, and activities, including a special “secret ingredient”, is delivered to your door.

In addition to the monthly subscription packets, you will enjoy access to a members only website, where the joy and value of cooking the YCA Way is brought to life, including cooking resources, interactive activities, picture sharing, instructional slide shows, bonus recipes, cooking quizzes, and more!

Join YCA@Home and meet Culi, your child’s very own cooking coach, as he brings the exciting world of learning to cook the Young Chefs Academy way, to your home! Each monthly shipment is curated to provide a one of a kind culinary learning experience for your child.

Each month, you and your child will receive the following:

Recipe Booklet
Parent Connection Card
Culi's Capers Activity Sheet
Secret Ingredient
Skills Progress Sticker
Member Website Secret Password
The first month, members will also receive:

Official Young Chefs Academy Student Apron
Young Chefs Academy Multi-Measuring Spoon
YCA@Home Recipe Holder
Progress Tracking Poster
Introduction Letter

Now most of you know that Miss V attended classes at our local Young Chef's Academy from they day the opened until they unfortunately closed.  She went from Kindercooks to a full year in Jr. Chef's and attained her Master Chef Phase 1 status and has all the badges, she "graduated" on September 27, 2007.  She was so excited to be working on her Phase 2 when YCA closed.  She was very disappointed.  She loves cooking and her teachers Chef Shawn and Chef Terry.

Anyway...I did notice that with this home program she would work to getting her Master Chef status.  I emailed the company and asked what happens if the child already is a Master Chef from a physical location.  I then told Miss V about it and she sounded excited about it but had the same question.  She said she would think about signing up.  I think when she gets home from school I will show her the site.  I am pretty sure that she will want to sign up.  I also saw that you can purchase some of the apparel and tools online...YEAH!  She was bummed when she outgrew her YCA jacket and T-shirts.

Even though her face is blurred, you can see how happy and proud she is.  She was the youngest ever to graduate from the North Port YCA.

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