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Oh Sweetbay, I am so disappointed

I love Sweetbay Supermarket!  I have loved shopping there since Miss V started school.  The store and bathrooms have always been clean, the employees are wonderful and polite, the produce section is great, the sales on meat were awesome, they had brands and items that I am familiar with from home (aka Massachusetts) like Willow Tree Chicken pies and they had real hot dog buns by the bakery.  Real hot dog buns are not cut on the sides.  They are cut on the top and when you put a hot dog in it, they don't tip over.  Over by the deli that had a nice little antipasti cart with lots of different olives, mozzarella balls, etc.  As a New Englander and devoted to Dunkin Donuts coffee with light cream, Sweetbay is the ONLY store that I could find quarts of light cream and not have to pay a huge amount for.  All the other stores stock just pints of light cream or half pints.

I love shopping there, it was a very nice experience.  The other patrons were nice.  The employees stocking the shelves were so nice and polite and would move their giant carts so you could pass them.

A couple employees would come over every spring for Miss V's schools's AR ice crea party.  They would set up, scoop and serve the ice cream, and help clean up.  The leftover bananas they would leave for the kids in aftercare.  Just incredible service...

By now you are probably wondering what's up with the title of my post?

Well they were sold/bought out by another huge grocery chain.  I do not like that chain at all!  Every one that I have been in have been dirty, rude employees, sales aren't great.

I am just so disappointed that my grocery shopping choices are less, unless I want to drive 40-45 minutes to Sarasota.  This also means my grocery bill is going up.

I am not just disappointed, I am mad and disgusted!

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