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Tampa Bay Lightning Cake

So a friend asked if I could make a cake for her daughter's birthday and we came up with a theme of Tampa Bay Lightning.  Oh I am such a traitor, my Masshole card should be revoked. 

Anyway I started the cake yesterday and baked them and covered all three pieces with fondant and left the detail pieces for today.  Thanks to Google and Hostesss being back in business I found that Hostess Ding Dongs are the perfect shape and size for hockey pucks.  I also printed out the world BOLTS in the team font and traced it onto the fondant.  For the jersey I found a hockey jersey template on a site that makes custom jerseys.  So I enlarged the picture and traced it in the dark blue fondant and added the white and black stripes.  The lightning bolt actually is a jewelry charm that my fantastic little assistant Miss V found at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I made a little version of the Stanley Cup and painted with silver luster dust and lemon extract.

I think it came out pretty good even though it isn't Black and Gold with a big ole B on it ;o)

Here are all the process pictures.

Hope everyone enjoys it tonight.


Wendy Cannizzaro said...

You are so talented! Beautiful cakes

Wendy Cannizzaro said...

You are so talented! Beautiful cakes

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