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Getting organized

Sometimes I just blow a gasket because stuff is put away in the wrong places in the kitchen.  This happened recently and I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I started with my cookie cutters and tools.  This in a long shelf in the laundry room that I decluttered too.


Then my former sprinkle cabinet got cleaned out and organized.

 For an upcoming cake I bought the large bottles of Super Black and Royal Blue.  The colors that I seem to be going through a lot of, I think it will be better just to buy the larger sizes.

 Lots of different extracts.

Then the armoire in the dining room. It used to hold miscellaneous stuff.  Well I decluttered it and put my cake pans, cake boards, boxes and the contents of the sprinkle cabinet.

 Cookie guns and sprinkles sorted by season.

 Candles, and candy supplies

 This makes me very happy!  No more lost tart pan bottoms and cupcake pans every where.

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