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Minion Cake

So the other day a friend sent me a picture of a Minion cake from the Betty Crocker Site and asked if I could make something like that for her son, who happens to be in Miss V's class.  Oh sure!  The more I thought about it, it kind of looked boring, it is just a flat sheet cake carved with frosting.  Well I turned to my favorite site Pinterest for inspiration and found it!  Here is a link to the inspiration Minion.  I chatted with my friend a bit about cake flavor and went out and picked up two French Vanilla Cake mixes, a couple cans of white frosting, 4 bags of mini marshmallows and powdered sugar.

When I got home Tuesday morning from dropping Miss V off at school, I started working on Mr. Minion.  I made the two cake mixes and put them in a prepared 11x15 sheet pan.  It took about 30 minutes to bake.  Wilton has a great chart on how much batter per pan and cooking temps and times.  You can find it here.

I then put out my fondant mat and used Minion Yellow Duck tape to keep it in place.

While he was in the oven, I made a batch of Marshmallow Fondant.  I kept it simple and just used clear vanilla extract and water.

When the cake was done, I flipped it and let it cool on a wire rack.

With the first batch of fondant, I colored some with black, grey, brown, pink and left some white.  So I made some shoes, hair, hands, parts of eyes, and buttons from the black.  With the white I designed some teeth, and eyes.  I made the pupils out of the brown.  With the pink I made a cute little tongue by using a small heart shaped cookie cutter.  I also made the goggles from the gray.  I rolled it out pretty thick and used different sized round cutters.

I wrapped the extra fondant up in plastic wrap to keep from drying out.  Then it was time to carve the Minion.  I kind of stood and looked at him for a few minutes deciding how he should look.

He then went into the fridge to cool down for about 30 minutes.  When he was cool, I gave him a quick crumb coat and added a little tiny section from the scrap cake for legs.  Minions have to have legs.

Then back into the fridge.  I normally like to put them in the freezer, but the cookie sheet he is on is to big to fit in the freezer.

While he was chilling in the fridge, I put the eyes together with the goggle frames and looked at the scale and looked pretty good.

When he was done with his chill time, I made another two batches of marshmallow fondant and tinted it yellow with Americolor Lemon Yellow.  Rolled it out and covered Mr. Minion.

I put on the eyes/goggles and the mouth to check for scale on the body.  Whoa....I did not like the mouth at all.  It made him creepy!

That mouth came off very quickly!  Then I made another batch of marshmallow fondant and colored it with Americolor Royal Blue.  Rolled it out and made a nice straight rectangle then put it on as his overalls.

I cut straps and put them on and put a little black button on each one.  I wanted that to dry a little so I made the goggles metallic looking by using a bit of silver luster dust and lemon extract.  You can see the difference here.

When both were done I let them air dry a bit and placed them on Mr. Minion.

Next came his eyes

Tried the funky mouth again, just to make sure.

He still looked creepy so I rolled some more black fondant and made another mouth.

Yep that one looks much more friendly and silly!  Next up arms!  I did put a toothpick in the upper arms to keep them attached to the body and did the same with the shoes.  The rest of the parts I used a dab of corn syrup.  Works like a charm!

Next up was hair!  I did use toothpicks to keep the hair sticking up.

I think he is done....then went into a box for safe keeping overnight.

I kept thinking how flippin adorable he was!  He was a lot of hours worth of work, but he was so worth it!

Mr. Minion (Miss V called him Phil) took a ride to school on her lap.  She was guardian of the Minion.

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