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Egg, Cheese, Potato and Bacon Breakfast Bowls

The other day while Miss V and I were grocery shopping, she saw Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls.  They were on sale so I let her pick two to try.  Well yesterday morning she had the one with bacon.  She ate probably a third of it and was full.  She liked it, but said it was just to much to eat. That made me think a bit....I bet I could make some, but have it Miss V size.

This morning I had to stop by the store and I picked up some bacon for her Miss V sized breakfast bowls.  I had plenty of eggs, hash browns and cheese.

I used 7 eggs and half a small carton of egg whites.  I blended them up with a bit of milk in the blender.  Cooked the bacon in the oven, wow does that save on clean up.  Then cooked the hash browns.  When everything was done, I let it all cool down.

Mmm, yummy hash browns!

When everything was cooled, I then assembled them.

First a layer of the hash browns

Then some eggs

Sprinkle of cheese, this was Mexican blend

Then some BACON!
I ended up with nine Miss V sized breakfast bowls.

I really don't like to heat things in the microwave.  I think I will just pop them out into a Fiestaware bowls and cover them.  I think they will take about 2 minutes to reheat.

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