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Desserts in mason jars...the new "trendy" thing...

At Miss V's school, each month the parents put on a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  Each grade is assigned a month.  I love that we can show the teachers how much we appreciate their hard work, dedication and love they have for the students.

It also gives me an excuse to try new things on a big scale.

Since our month is May and it is already getting warm we have a general menu, can't tell you what it is just in case any teacher peeks.

Anyway, I was looking for a cute way to package personal size desserts.  I can say Pinterest did not fail me.  I am really sorry if I blew away your feed on Friday.

One of the things I kept coming back to was individual cheesecakes with different toppings in the small mason jars.  The next thing was cake/cupcakes in the jars.  I must have read a couple hundred blogs on Friday and Saturday.

I was blown away by some of the comments like:

How do you get the cupcake out?

Doesn't the cupcake make a mess when you tip the jar to get it out?

Can you really bake things in the canning jars?

Ok...I thought the point of making and serving the dessert in the jar was to actually EAT the dessert from the jar????  Am I confused?  Or have people lost common sense? 

Please...I would love to hear your comments/feedback.


Kerri S said...

WOW!! Um Yea I agree with you :)

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