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Copyright Infringement Part 2

So a couple weeks ago, I went to check to see if Google had removed all the entries that I had reported as copied from my blog.

Well none were removed and to add insult to injury...more entries were copied!  I was livid!!!

So I reported the blog again and added this in the comment box:

This is my blog including photos. I have reported before about XXXXXXXX blog copying my blog word for word. The person also has copied word for word other blogs. I received confirmations that google was supposed to remove the content. The content is still there and now the other blog has copied more and more of my entries. If you look at his profile under My Blogs he has other blogs that he has copied word for word and is pretending to be someone else. I work hard at my blog and do not appreciate someone copying my work. You can see by the photos which entries are mine, they are watermarked with ©Life of a
Foodie and Her Family

So I got this back shortly afterwards:


Thanks for reaching out to us.
We've reviewed your notice, but it is unclear to us what the specific copyrighted work or works are that you are asserting have been infringed. Could you please provide more detail by identifying the work or a representative list of works? It would be helpful if you could provide us with a link to the original source of the copyrighted work, as well as copyright registration numbers if you have them.

Once we understand better what your contentions are, we'll be able to further investigate the issue and take the appropriate actions.


The Google Team 

Ugh....I needed to step back from my computer and blog because I don' t think I could have been nice at that point.  Of course there is no way to contact them by phone so I could "explain" it better.  After calming down for a couple days I went back to report the links again and when I went to the other blog I was pleasantly surprised to see this.

Yeah!  I almost feel vindicated.  

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