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Pawprint Lollipops take 1

So the other day a mom from Miss V's school had asked if anyone would like to bring treats to the next basketball game.  Me being the over achiever said sure and then at Hobby Lobby I spotted the cutest pawprint lollipop mold so I bought the two on the rack and some white candy melts.  They only had Orchid at the store and I knew that I had purple at home.

Well the purple I have is lavender and it just doesn't look right.  So I went to work melting and painting in the molds then filled with the white candy melts.  I was using a spoon to fill and it was working out ok, but I ended up over filling some of the molds so the lollipops wouldn't lay flat.

Then I googled around for a bit and found that if you mix food gel with shortening first then you can add it into the melted candy melts.

The color that I came up with looks much better, but then I had problems with the white chocolate.  I had switched from paintbrush and spoons to squeeze bottles.  The Purple worked well, but the white not so well.  ARGH.....

I just don't like working with chocolate down here.....

Maybe I should just stick with festive cookies...when I got the idea of marshmallow fondant cookies.  I found conflicting info, so I asked a professional on a certain website.  She told me that I could NOT use marshmallow fondant on cookies and that I HAD to purchase rolled fondant.  Well of course she would say that since she is employed by a food company that sells fondant.  But.....that stuff tastes ICKY!!!

Oh so here are some pics of the lollipops...I am not thrilled with them...If I can't get them to look the way I want them, I won't bring them as a surprise.

This is the "lavender" color

On the left is the purple that I came up with and on the right is the lavender.

Someone suggested mixing pink and blue to make purple.  I might have to try that.  I think mixing to much gel and shortening made the purple to soft.

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