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Hendrick's Gin Campaign

I am a faithful Bzz Agent.  I signed up a few years ago because I love trying new products and giving my feedback.  Most of the campaigns that I have been chosen for are Health & Beauty Aids.  I don't recall ever being chosen for a Food/Beverage campaign even though I am a Food Blogger.

Anway a few weeks ago I was invited to join the Hendrick's Gin Campaign.  I am not a gin drinker but thought it would be interesting to try something new.  I read up on Hendricks online and thought it sounds really intersting.

I received my Bzz Kit and opened it up. 

Inside the Bzz Kit was the Official Guide, four little recipe posters, a Cocktail Compendium and a metal thing and at first I did not see the rebate paper.  Later I found it stuck in the Cockatil Compedium.

 The first thing I noticed in the Bzz Guide was the "Tippling Topics".  The first topic is to procure a bottle for yourself then mail in your rebate as to hel recover any spent funds.  Hmm that sounded a bit odd to me.  I have used other sites to try adult beverages and was sent coupons to cover the cost of the beverages.

I finished reading through the Guide and the recipe posters. 

At that point, I figured out the metal object was a muddler.

I then started reading through the Cocktail Compendium.  It has some really intersting recipes and facts.  Then towards the back of the booklet, was the Rebate form stuck to one of the pages.

I am still having a hard time processing that there is a refund instead of an actual coupon.  Oh well, I will start looking online to see where I could purchase it.

I checked out our local liquor store.  And spotted online.  So let me get this straight...I am supposed to purchase a 750ml bottle for $30.99 + tax and sumbit a refund for $15.00? 

How does this work out in my favor?  This really irritated me.  You want me to try your product and review it, but I am out $15 - $16.

At this point I am a bit put out by this campaign and really do not plan on purchasing the Hendricks Gin.

If I have a change of heart or have an extra $30.00 + tax laying around, I may purchase it.

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Eileen Wolter said...

Any chance you'd like to share the rebate form? I'm a regular drinker!

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