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Copyright Infringement

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post last week about another blogger copying my blog and three others.

I asked for help on the Blogger Forum and someone replied quickly.  I reported about 25 - 30 of my entries and it looks like the blogger is getting paid per click and copied the entries a few times each month.

I am disgusted and besides myself.  I would have to copy and paste every single entry that he is copied.  There is no easy way to report the WHOLE blog.

I did hear back from one of the other people and they were going to start reporting their entries.

I am just sick!  It just makes me want to stop blogging all the fun that we are having in my kitchen.  But I guess it is better than hotlinking pics of Miss V.

I have been looking for html code that will disable right clicking, but it is hard with a blog.  Much easier than a website, like I used to do.  I just found a simple code, but it won't protect totally.

Any bloggers have any other advice???

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