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Pineapple Palm Tree

I pinned this idea months ago on Pinterest and the opportunity to make it came up the other day.

The original pin did not give directions it was just a picture uploaded by a user.  So I had to put my thinking cap on.

I used a large wooden cutting board.  It is more simple to understand with pictures.

For the bottom pineapple, I used an apple corer to cut out some of the core so it sit right on the dowel. 

For the next two pineapples cut the top and bottom off of each.  Use dowels to attach them to the bottom pineapple and layer them up.

For the top pineapple, just cut the bottom off and use dowels to attach it to the pineapple below it.

I then used pygmy date palm fronds and just stuck them into the top pineapple.

It came out really cute but after an hour and half it started tipping.  The pineapples that I used were very ripe.  I think it would work much better with unripe pineapples.  The fruit inside wouldn't be so soft.

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Faith Nichols said...

Really neat idea! Thanks for sharing it.

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