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Kitchen Experiment - Making Crystals

Yesterday at the library, Miss V picked up a book on Science Experiments.  It looks like very simple projects that would be perfect for summer break.

Today she picked the Making Crystals.  I also found a couple blogs dedicated to making Rock Candy and combined both directions and threw in some of my own knowledge.  (gasp...shhhh...I am secretly a science geek)

(I blur her face for her own online privacy)

 Soak wooden skewers for about 10 minutes in hot water.

 Roll them in granulated sugar.

 Let dry completely!  This is very important.  The saturated sugar solution (hopefully) will use these crystals as a place to start growing.

 I put them on the counter under the ceiling fan set to high for a couple of hours.

 We decided to make some colorful!

 I marked plain skewers.

 Jars with food color already to be filled.

 We started with 4 cups water and 4 cups granulated sugar.  When that dissolves completely, turn on the heat to medium and add 1 cup sugar at a time and dissolve completely.  We ended up using about 8 1/2 cups sugar total.
Jars now sitting in the breakfast nook window. Notice that we kept one jar plain.

The clear jar is my control jar.

 All the jars lined up.  Each jar has two skewers held up by clothes pins.  All the jars have one plain skewer and one sugared skewer.

Control jar:  Left Side Skewer is plain and the right side is the sugared skewer.  
I probably should have sprayed the area first with ant spray...woops!  I will try and remember to take a picture every day at 4:00 pm to see the changes.

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Erin said...

Hi Lynn - we did this today. I can't wait to see how it turns out. My kids loved it! Thanks!

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