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Chromatography, what is it?

Chroma is the Greek word for color.  Chromatography is a method used to separate compounds in a mixture.

What you need:
White Coffee Filter cut into strips
Tall clear glasses
Water Soluble markers and one permanent marker
Pencils or skewers

Place a dot about one inch from the end of a coffee filter strip.  Tape the other end around a pencil or skewer.  Place the skewer on the lip of the glass.  Carefully add water to the glass until it barely touches the bottom of the filter strip.  Then wait to see what happens.

When I asked her why the permanent marker didn't do anything, she so smartly told me because the ink doesn't dissolve in water.

Then for fun I tried to peel an onion skin.  That is cool, but I wish I had iodine to stain it.

Miss V has been checking all the samples out for the past 40 minutes and hearing "Oh this is so cool!"

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