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Kid Cuisine Flip n' Dip Pancakes

Ok...don't shoot me, but I do keep some Kid Cuisine Meals in the freezer.  Miss V enjoys them once in a while and they come in handy.

So on Shrove Tuesday, I really didn't feel like making pancakes and I remembered that I had a Flip n' Dip Pancake meal in the freezer.  Miss V was very happy about that.

Well the meal comes with two pancakes, tater tots, cranberry sauce and one turkey sausage.

Before I cooked it:

Well.....something is missing.  Can you tell what?

The turkey sausage!!!

So after I heated it up and Miss V ate, I called ConAgra Foods.  I spoke with a super nice woman in Consumer Affairs.  She took down all the information from the box and said that ConAgra foods would be sending out a couple of coupons and one would be a for a free meal and another coupon would be $.50 off another item.

The coupons came very quickly and I can say that my experience with Consumer Affairs was fantastic!!!!

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