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Pink and White Swirl Bread

Today I was thinking that I needed to make some sort of cute bread for Miss V's Valentine's Day lunch.  I have been using cookie cutters and making heart sandwiches and I remembered someone making colored bread.

So I made two pounds of white bread dough.  I figured that I would just split the dough in half and tint just one half.  Well I did and it was HARD!  I ended up pulling out my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook to mix in the pink gel.  It worked much better.  Next time I will do what my friend did and just add the color with the water and make two batches of dough.

So here is what it looks like:

I also split the dough into two pans.  I think next time I will just use one loaf pan and make a much taller loaf.  These will have to be itty bitty sandwiches. 

Cute huh???

I enjoy reading any and all comments! Feel free to ask any questions you have, about this recipe. If you have tried this recipe, please let me know how you liked it or if you would change it in any way.

1 comment:

Lita said...

This is cute idea. It would be good for any spring (such as Easter) meal too. Thanks for the idea.

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