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School Lunch 2/9/12

I have noticed that if I don't about Miss V's lunch daily, I forget to do it on the weekends.  So back to my regular daily school lunch posts.

Ham & Cheese on a Goldfish thin.  Normally I would not buy them since they are kind of pricey, but they were BOGO last week at Publix.
Florida Strawberries
Simply Go-gurt
Chewy Granola Bar
Sweet & Salty Trail Mix
Horizon Chocolate Milk
Berry Jello
Florida Naturals Fruit Nuggets

Jello....Miss V likes certain kinds of jello, but they don't sell the already made cups.  So I got smart and made up the jello and then poured it into 6 snack size gladware containers and put in the fridge.  It also saves a little money too.

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