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Chocolate Cheerios - Review

Have you seen these?????

I am normally very strict about the kinds of cereals.  But lately Miss V has been having some issues of not being hungry or things just don't taste very good.  We go through this a few times a year.  When this happens, I loosen up a bit.

Anyway she spotted these a few weeks ago and had a coupon so into the cart they went.  The next morning she tried them and really loved them.  She had them a few times and the only thing she didn't like was that it turned the milk to chocolate milk. 

So she now prefers to have these as a little snack, but will eat them dry and have a cup of milk on the side.  Personally I loved them even the chocolaty milk.

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Kathy Mercure said...

Me too! I also love them with ice cream. Funnily enough, I just came home with a box. I need a comfort food meal.

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