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Miss V's class entry into the Gingerbread House Contest

I have to say how proud I am of Miss V's class and all the hard work that they put into making the Tropical Themed Gingerbread House.

We were given the pre made pieces for the house.  The rules stated that it could not be edible and it was suggested that we use a hot glue gun for stability.  The rules also stated that it must fit into a space that was  12 inches deep, by 11 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the house.

A few of the boys rolled out blue fondant for the Gulf of Mexico and then we glued on milk chocolate rocks along the waters edge.  One student worked hard at making tootsie roll sharks teeth.  The city where Miss V's school is located is famous for sharks teeth.  Some of the girls had a fun time making colorful shells from fondant and gum paste.

We made palm trees out of skewers and tootsie rolls.  They were poked and glued into the cardboard base that was the exact dimensions from the rules.  The palm fronds were gum paste tinted green and cut out with a flower cookie cutter and dried over night.  Some of the girls also gave the Teddy Bears bathing suits and made towels and floats from fondant.

Here you can see that one girl made a cute flamingo from pink gum paste.  A couple of other girls made presents to go at the bottom of one tree.  Some of the boys make little strands of colorful lights from fondant and put them onto fishing line.

I love the texture on the palm trees.  Oh and notice the the little bows on the presents?

One side view of our Tropical Gingerbread House.   The roof is plain shredded wheat.  We didn't use the frosted because it would have looked like snow and we certainly do not get snow down here in SW Florida.  The beach sand is actually a box of graham cracker crumbs.  It was funny all day long a little boy from 3rd grade would walk by and say he hoped that we would win.

Here is our completed house!  The class was so excited and we all thought it looked fantastic. 

While putting it together, I made sure to measure with a ruler how high the palm trees were.  I did not want to go over the 12 inch high limit.

You could also purchase the houses. One of our friends texted me while we were heading to the mall to tell me that someone bought ours.  We met the new owner and she was so nice.

We did not win in our age group and (I probably sound like a sore loser), but Miss V noticed that some of the winners did not stick to the size guidelines and were a lot bigger than the specs.  Maybe I have watched to many Food Network specials and have seen pieces disqualified for their sizes.  Anway that did not seem very fair.  Then we found out that for people's choice you could vote on your favorite.  What was not stated in the paper work was that it was $1.00 a vote. 

The following Monday the little boy from 3rd grade asked if we had won and I told him that we didn't and he said that he thought ours was the best!

We may not have won or placed 2nd or 3rd, but I am very proud of our class and will have reward them with an ice cream party or something.

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