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Polynesian Hot Dogs

When I bought the June 2011 issue of Food Network magazine I was intrigued with the World Class Hot Dog pictures.

On a two page spread there were 10 different "international" hot dogs.  Anyway my eyes kept going back to the Polynesian which was a hot dog with Hoisin Sauce, Pineapple and Scallions.

I was debating earlier what to make for dinner and when I asked Miss V to choose between my ideas she picked the hot dogs. to Sweetbay we went.

This will be interesting.....
 Lightly grilled all beef hot dog.

Little Hoisin Sauce

Little bit of scallions
Little bit of pineapple

 All done and a couple different kinds of chips.  Can't have a hot dog without chips.

So both Marcel and I had it the full version of the Polynesian hot dog and Miss V just had the pineapple.  She tasted the Hoisin sauce and didn't really like it.

I thought it tasted very good!  I was pleasantly surprised.  I guess I should step out of my comfort zone more often.  Hmm...maybe next time I will try the Thai which included peanut sauce, carrot and cilantro.

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The Better Baker said...

Isn't it always fun to try something new? I would love the pineapple...not sure about the hos--- sauce myself...Thanks for sharing your intriguing ideas.

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