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Kids in the kitchen and grocery shopping

One of pet peeves is when people say they hate when their kids are in the kitchen and make a huge mess or they hate bringing them to the grocery store.  To me it is a learning experience. 

So what is a little mess?  Teach them to clean up after themselves.  Victoria knows that if she makes something she cleans up the counter and puts dishes in the dishwasher or she will hand wash items that do not go in the dishwasher.

She loved to be in the kitchen even before going to cooking classes.  She took classes for a few years and even became a Master Chef in 2009.  Unfortunately the cooking school closed and I make it a point to encourage her to keep cooking and learning new recipes and kitchen facts.

Today we decided that she could look through her old binders and pick dinner and dessert.

She picked her recipes and then made her shopping list.

Then we headed out to Publix.

She knows how to pick out ripe fruits and veggies.

She also knows to look for what is the best price for items.

And when she does her own shopping, she likes to push the cart.


Alex said...

Have you ever been in the grocery store with 4 kids? It's not a pleasant experience.

Lynn - A Foodie and Her Family and Crafty Lynn said...

Yes I have been to the store with 4or more kids ranging in age 16 to 2. After a few aggrivating trips, I learned to give the older kids a little list and they would go get the items from their lists. It wasn't always fun but we got through it and the older kids were proud of themselves.

That was when there were two adults, two teenagers, 1 middle schooler and two elementary children living in 14x70 (980 sq ft) 1 1/2 bathroom trailer.

Grocery shopping was a piece of cake.

AmyG said...

I'm one of those that doesn't like my kids in the kitchen, lol. I love the "idea" of cooking with my girls, but when they start to make a mess, I start to twitch! LOL Now that they are getting older, I'm letting them help a little more. Plus, I like being in control, so I struggle when they don't do it the way "I" would do it!

Grocery shopping, though. That's fun with them. Emily likes to write out our list & then crossing items off once we get them. Olivia likes to get the items she can reach & put them in the cart. No mess involved in shopping! lol

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