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Back to Basic Ice Shaver

We used the Back to Basic Ice Shaver in Miss V's class for a snow cone party.  It worked very well and the kids loved them.  The best part, I got to take one home!

It comes with two ice molds that makes hockey puck shaped ice.  I had an accident with one and it cracked.  I have been making ice every day so we have a nice sized stash in the freezer.  I love that it can have fine shaved ice or a coarser grind.

Our favorite syrup to use are the Jelly Belly Syrups.  I first spotted them at Bed Bath and Beyond.  A few weeks ago I spotted them at our local Walmart in the seasonal section.  We stocked up on many of the flavors.  My personal favorite is the Pina Colada flavor.  Miss V loves the Tutti Fruiti and Green Apple.

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