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Internet Shopping recommendation

I am working on things for Miss V's birthday.  I saw a really cute idea for Bikini Beach Bear Cupcakes on Bakerella.

Anyway she has a list of where to find some of the ingredients.  But I couldn't understand the whole candy writer on Amazon.  Plus I would have had to get the blue cupake liners at a different shop and that would have increased the shipping.  I love Amazon, but sometimes buying a bunch of little things at different shops cost way more in shipping than the actual items.

So I searched and found a store called Shop Bakers Nook.

I was able to purchase just the color candy writers that I wanted and blue cupcake liners.  I ordered them on Friday and they were at my front door this afternoon. 

If you are in need of baking items, check them out.  I don't think you could go wrong.

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