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Blue Jello Aquarium test run #1 FAILED MISERABLY!

So I thought of making a cute jello aquarium for Miss V's birthday.  As always, I do a test run.  We went to the candy store at the "little" mall.  I bought what candy pebbles they had.  I also picked up some cute gummy sea creatures.

Anyway...I have seen on other blogs that the blue jello is kind of dark and to mix it with some clear jello.  So I used a box of blue and two envelopes of plain gelatin.

So at this point, I am time I am going to use a clearer jello and thought that I saw some a while ago.  I think it was like a sparkling white grape juice and just do a drop of blue food coloring.  (I just went to the jello site and it is not listed!  Ahhhhhh what am I going to do now???)

So I put it in the fridge to cool for an hour.

Then put my candy pebbles into the trifle dish.

After an hour you are supposed to be able to pour the blue jello over the candy pebbles.  I poured it over the back of a spoon so it didn't disturb the rocks.

Looked good for about two seconds then the candy pebble coating started to melt/dissolve. 

Well I put it back in the fridge and a couple hours later it was still so watery and not set up at all.  So it went down the garbage disposal.

WHAT CAN I DO NOW?????  (Ok foodies, I really need your advice/thoughts)

I am thinking of maybe making some clear Knox gelatin and letting it set up completely.  Put some candy pebbles in the bottom of the trifle dish then "crumble" the gelatin in over the rocks to kind of seal them in.  Then make more clear gelatin and add a touch of blue food color, sugar and flavor....

All I know is that I think Miss V and I are going to have to go to the "big" mall to the candy shop there. 

Since this 1st one motto is try, try again!!!

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