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Ratatouille anyone????

Ratatouille anyone????

Miss V has been asking to have a dinner and movie night.  She really wants to make Ratatouille.  With everything that has been going on lately I asked her if she wanted to do it on Saturday but maybe a really late lunch.  YOU BET!  Was her answer.

She ran over to the cookbook case and pulled out her Ratatouille Cookbook.  I told her that she could pick an appetizer, salad, dinner and dessert, but not the dirt cake..LOL

She picked:
Easy Faux Escargots (they are super cute)
Chef's Salad
Gusteau's Ratatouille
Colette's Apron Cake (it was a hard decision between that and Cherry Cheesecakes)

After our haircuts and some errands we are going to do our shopping and cooking!


Roxann said...

FUN!!! I LOVE dinner and movie nights. We haven't been doing them since we got back from Disneyland in Dec, I need to get back into doing them. Can wait to hear how the recipes come out!

Lynn - A Foodie and Her Family and Crafty Lynn said...

Thanks Roxann! I love how you used to do them. I think we really need to do this once a month. Victoria really misses her cooking class and I have let life get in the way of her being in the kitchen.

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