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Cupcakes + Marshmallows = yummy cuteness

I was trying to think of something "springy" to talk about in our neighborhood newsletter.  My mind went right to some cupcakes that I made for Victoria's birthday a couple years ago.  She brought these cuties to school to share with her friends.  Of course she wanted a special one that was different from the others.  So I made her a red flower with a white center.

Bake and cool your favorite cupcakes from a box or from scratch.

One can of white frosting, not whipped though!  Tint it with gel food color; Wilton leaf green is perfect.  You can simply frost the cupcakes with an offset spatula or use a piping bag with a fancy tip.

Colored sanding sugar, pastel M&M's or mini marshmallows.

I like to pour some of each color into little Gladware Snack size containers.  It makes it easier to color the petals.

One bag of large marshmallows.  I suggest not going with the store brand.  I really prefer Jet Puffed brand.  They are a little firmer.   You will cut each marshmallow into 5 slices.  It takes extra time, but so worth it if you wash off your knife after each marshmallow with hot water. That way the knife isn't sticky and the marshmallow petals won't have ragged edges.

After you slice your marshmallow into 5 sections carefully press one sticky side into the sanding sugar.  You will leave the opposite side sticky.

Carefully press the petal into the green frosting then continue with the other 4 slices.  Then end slices it is ok press the non-sticky side into the frosting. Place and M&M or mini marshmallow in the center of the cupcake.

Continue until all your cupcakes are decorated.

These are perfect for a little girl's birthday party.  Then I took above idea and made Bunnies for our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.


A cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe)
White icing
Shredded coconut
Pink decorators' sugar
Jelly bean nose
Pastel Blue and Green M&M's
Black decorating icing in a tube
Red pull and peel twizzlers
Large marshmallow
Mini marshmallows

Frost a cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with white icing and sprinkle on shredded coconut fur.  You can also skip the coconut.  I found that it made a huge mess and most of the kids wiped the coconut off.
Cut a large marshmallow in half width wise. Squeeze each half slightly to give it an oval shape, then decorate the sticky side of each one with pink decorators' sugar and set them in place for ears.

Add a jelly bean nose (I actually cut the jelly bean in half) and the M&M for eyes, and mini marshmallows for cheeks (For the cheeks, I jut one mini marshmallow in half and used one mini marshmallow per Bunny. Using two whole mini marshmallows, well they kept tipping over). For a finishing touch, draw on decorators' gel pupils and small pieces of the pull and peel twizzlers.

Cute huh???



Kristy said...

Adorable! I can't wait for Spring!! :)

A Busy Nest said...

Thanks for the idea! I have a daughter who would love to make these herself. :)

Trisha said...

Simple yet so pretty!!!

MyKidsMake said...

the bunny cupcakes are great! My kids are going to love making these!!!!

Erin said...

These are so incredibly adorable!!!! LOVE them!

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