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It is that time of year again, where I hand over cooking duties to my husband.  He loves making Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner.  We are very traditional and have the same things every year.  Except last year I made a new sweet potato dish that was very yummy.

I love trying new recipes, but do you mess with tradition on holidays?

I purchased the November issue of Food Network Magazine and found so many new recipes that I would love to try.

For the turkey on page 112 is Cat Cora's Pomegranate Glazed Turkey with Wild Rice Stuffing.  Mmm that just looks wonderful.  But the problem is, I love love love traditional bread stuffing.  I need to have bread stuffing.  Do I convince my husband to make this turkey and stuffing and make another small dish of bread stuffing???

That brings me to my next dilemma....If you ever read Food Network Magazine they always have a little pull out of 50 recipes.  Well this month is all about stuffing.  Ones that jumped out at me were the (#3) Cranberry Apple stuffing, (#4) Cranberry Nut Stuffing, and (#9) Apple-Fennel Stuffing.

Last dilemma...dessert....Miss V and I always make pies on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We always have one traditional pumpkin pie and one different kind.  They have a yummy looking Apple Walnut Galette and a Chocolate Toffee Pecan Tart.  I am really leaning towards the Chocolate Toffee Pecan Tart, I just need to get a tart pan.  I had one B.E (before explosion) and some times still think I have one, I just can't find it.  Yes that still happens...LOL

So my questions are...(feel free to comment below)
1.  What kind of turkey are you having this year?
2.  What kind of stuffing/dressing are you having this year?
3.  What are you having for dessert this year?

You can also link me up to your favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

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Mama said...

I am with you on the bread stuffing. We make the same stuffing every year, it has sourdough, cornbread, caramelized veggies and "sausage" in it. One year we had my husbands family over and due to food allergies I ended up making three different types of stuffing....from myself..because I would NOT go without our traditional stuffing.

Our pies this year will all be egg free soy free and thus kind of new to us, one pumpkin, one cran-raspberry, and one chocolate maple.

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