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Keurig and My K Cup

Last Christmas we got a Keurig.  I love love love it.  We even bought one of the My K Cup filter baskets.  I have certain coffees that I love and they don't have K Cups.  When I would use the My K Cup basket, the coffee always tasted weak even though I had filled it with coffee grounds.

Recently I was looking through the New England Coffee Company site and I noticed on some of the exclusive coffee types, there were a few different options for grind.

A is coarse This grind is perfect for stove top and electric percolators

B is medium This grind works well with auto-drip machines like Mr. Coffee and Bunn

C is fin Use this fine grind for espresso-type pressure brewers

D Whole Bean
Well that makes sense!!!  The Keurig is a pressure brewer so you would need a finer grind right????  What I buy in the store is regular retail ground, hmmm I wonder if I scoop out what I need and quickly pulse it in a coffee grinder if that will make the coffee stronger???  I think I may need to email them to get the answer.
Stay tuned.......


Dedi said...

I love my Keurig. LOOOVE it.

My favorite K-cup is the Coffee People Organic. Nice and BOLD (even when you brew the bigger cup size) but so smooth and just lovely. I don't even branch out anymore I just buy them. ;o)

Lynn said...

I am waiting for Green Mountain's Holiday Blend. I tend to go for lighter or medium roasts that have more caffine. I really love Van Houtte French Vanilla. We orignally got it because I love trying different coffee and my husband like plain non flavored coffee. We also use it to heat water for tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal and used to use hot water for our dog's dry food.

Jana said...

Where do you buy your K-cups from? I usually order mine from since they usually have good deals.

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