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Marshmellow Frankenstein Cupcakes

I made these yesterday for Miss V's Halloween Party.  I found the idea in a magazine called Yum for Kids.

Make and cool your favorite box mix or homemade cupcakes.

1/2 cup warm water
Pastry brush or new foam paintbrush
24 large white marshmellows
Green liquid food color
1 can white frosting
Purple gel food color
24 green gumdrops cut in half lengthwise
48 red Dots candies or gumdrops cut in half
Cookie sheet lined with wax paper
Tube of black icing
Small star tip and small circle tip

Add green food color to the warm water until you get the shade of green that you would like your Frankensteins to look like.

Quickly and lightly brush the marshmellows with the colored water on all sides and place on a the lined cookie sheet to dry.

Tint the white frosting with the purple gel food color until you get a nice shade of lavender.  Frost the cupcakes.

When the marshmellows are dried pipe on the faces with the circle tip with the black icing.  Switch to the small star tip and create hair.

Place the marshmellows on the cupcakes and gently push in.

Place the green sliced gumdrops in front to form arms and two red Dot candies on either side of the head to from the bolts.

Sorry if the pictures are huge, blogger is having an issue uploading so I had to upload them to photobucket.



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