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September menu planning

I am not so good at planning a whole month of dinners.  I can do a week at a time without a problem.  I like to see what is on sale and plan around that.

So I just went through my new Pillsbury Pot Pies & Casseroles magazine and picked out four dinners for the next few days.  There are only three of us home now with our son off to college.  So now there are more leftovers and trying to remember not to make huge meals is challenging.

The recipes that I plan on making are;
Winter Pork Roast (crock pot)
Green Bean & Chicken Casserole
Beef Enchilada Stack
Bow Ties with Ham and Asparagus

I can wait to hit the grocery store tomorrow!  I know I am not like 90% of people, I LOVE grocery shopping.  Miss V loves to go with me and our "quick" trips end up being at least an hour.  When we are in the produce section she likes to look at everything, smell and feel the different fruits and veggies.  She will ask what an item is and how would we cook it or prepare it.

Someone once asked me how do I keep all my recipes organized on my computer.  Well the simple answer is that I have MasterCooks version 9.  I absolutely love this program!!!  It comes with a wide selection of cookbooks and recipes and gives you the option to make your own books.  When I find something that interests me, I add the recipe to my book.  From there you can add it to a shopping list.  The shopping list feature is great!  I usually end up printing the whole list then cross off stuff that is already in my pantry, fridge or freezer.  I had a problem once when my hubby redid my computer and the software wouldn't register.  Their technical support was very quick and helpful.

Who else out does meal planning?  I would love to hear what you have planned for the next week and beyond if you are that ambitious.

Edited on 9/13 to add three more dinners for this week.  They are all from Pillsbury's Pot Pies & Casserole Recipes:

Pork chops with apples and stuffing
Chicken and Gnocchi
Low fat Chicken Tortilla Soup

As I make them I will link the recipes to the list.


Megan said...

I used to use Mastercook too. I liked the way it calculated the nutritional info too. I ended up losing ALL of the recipes I put on there though. Now I am slowly putting all our favorites on my blog, so hopefully I can use that instead! The list feature would be nice though. I do once a month shopping, so my list gets pretty extensive:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!

Rebekah said...

Lynn, thanks for linking up! This looks like great software. I need to look into it.

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