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The Next Food Network Star

I have to say that some seasons have been a real hit or miss with me.  This season was a hit for me.  I really enjoyed Aarti from the start.  Towards the end of the season, I really liked Herb.  I thought his pilot was very good!

Tom...well I just didn't enjoy him.  His concept to me was a mix between season 4 winner Aaron McCargo and season 2 winner Guy Fieri and seriously there is only ONE Guy Fieri.

What are your thoughts on this past season?

Season five runner up was Jeffrey and I saw him on one of Bobby Flay's shows and I really enjoyed watching him.  To bad he doesn't have a show on Food Network or their sister channel Food Channel, like some of the past runner ups/dismissed contestants (Adam Gertler and Kelsey Nixon will be having a show)


Kristen said...

Loving this season, too. i picked aarti to win on the first episode. Your thoughts aree right on with mine. I like herb, but didn't start liking him until the week the families came for a visit. Never been a Big Chef fan. Sunday's episode is still in the DVR so I have no opinion on the pilots yet. Hope Aarti did well. I <3 Adam Gertler, too.

Rebekah said...

I loved Aarti too! She was my pick from the beginning. I'm with you though, I liked Herb's pilot and if he had a show I believe I would watch. I can't wait to see Aarti's actual show.

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