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Internet Shopping

So our little spot in SW Florida is not a foodie's mecca.  I tried three or four grocery stores to see if any of them carried creole mustard...not one did.  So I did the next best thing, shop online!  I am really great at finding stuff online.

Last week the Passion Fruit Syrup came and that is the first time I have been unhappy with Amazon's shipping.  I purchased two 3 packs of the syrup.  When I went to pick up the box from my front entryway, it was covered in tiny little sugar ants.   I quickly ripped open the box and inside was full of the little ants.  Both 3 packs were in plastic bags and the ants were not inside the bag.  I rinsed off the bottles just in case.  I had to spray down the box, my front porch and around the front door with ant spray.  Needless to say I let amazon know that the packaging was NOT adequate.

Today came the creole mustard and Cafe Du Monde coffee!!  I found them at Cajun Supermarket.  Excellent service and shipping!

Can't wait to Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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