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Freebie Mugs!

Yesterday the UPS man came and I had no idea what he could have dropped off.  I already received the items for our Taste Of Mardi Gras dinner....


I didn't even look at the shipping label, I just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the packing tape and opened the box.  First thing I saw was an envelope and in the envelope very pretty card.  On the outside was a very "New Englandy" picture with an old town with a covered bridge, barns, and a church.  It was my friends at New England Coffee Company.

Woo Hoo in the box, packed really nicely was two of their mugs and two little tins of peppermints.  I love them!!!

I cannot wait to use them when the weather cools of this fall/winter.  Or maybe I will use it tomorrow night for my Cafe Au Lait!!

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