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Kid Cuisine Deep Sea Adventures

Product review time! Today's review is Kid Cuisine Deep Sea Adventure.

In the past I would have normally skipped over frozen meals for Miss V. Well about a year ago we were concerned about her weight and the doctor suggested that we add a little extra calories to her diet. So I had Miss V pick out a couple meals. Some were a hit and some were definitely misses.

This summer we were shopping and Miss V asked for more meals. Her absolutely favorite meal is the Deep Sea Adventure.

Now before freaking out that the meal contains no fruit or veggies, she will snack on apples, carrots, celery or a mix of other fruits/veggies.

I totally understand parents that are watching their child's weight because childhood obesity is a big problem. BUT....please remember that there are children on the other side of the scale. For instance, last summer when we first bought some meals. There was another woman in the aisle with her two daughters and the girls were begging and pleading with the mom to for some Kid Cuisine meals. The mom clearly said that if the father found out that she was buying them crap like that then he would be very mad at them. They grabbed a box and started reading the nutritional label and the mom told them to put them back.

Meanwhile Miss V and I were waiting patiently and they walked further down the aisle to buy "adult" frozen meals. Miss V chose what meals she wanted and put them in the cart. I then heard one of the girls say to her mom, "why is that lady buying her kid them?" and the Mom responded "well maybe she doesn't care about what her daughter eats." Oh that made me so mad!

I gave her one of my infamous smirks and went on our way.

So again....don't judge what other people have in their carts, you just don't know their situations.


Dedi said...

My girls love Kid Cuisines, but I almost never buy them. I think they like the IDEA of them more than the meal itself. I wish there was a veggie instead of Corn. Not all kids like corn people. ;o) and corn is a grain (I'm going to get in trouble for this one once the school year starts because of a comment I made awhile back).

My kids are on the smaller side of the scale too esp my youngest. But really even if they weren't I don't see the harm in a treat every now and again.

Moderation people. Lack of Moderation is what leads to fat kids and people.


Rebekah said...

WOW I cannot believe that mom said that. I most likely would have thought something to that nature but would have kept it to myself. Nathaniel has tried them but doesn't care for them. I remember trying the spaghetti one when I was a kid, I just knew I was in for a treat. Yeah, the sauce was sweet, I was shocked and hated it. I was used to my G'mas more savory spiced sauce, but boy did I love the nuggets one! :)

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