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This morning I ran into Walmart for a few things. I saw that all the Halloween/Fall items were 50% off and I needed some leaf cookie cutters.

I bought two sets of the Wilton Autumn Cookie Cutters for $3.00 each! I also spotted an 18 piece metal Halloween cookie cutter set and that was only $4.50! I also picked up a 3 piece Havest set for $1.50!

I also picked up some Orange Sanding Sugar, they were $1.00 a piece and a couple bottles of Leaf sprinkles and Autumn Pumpkin Sprinkles.

I love getting a good deal on supplies!

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Kristen said...

I saw these at our WalMart yesterday as well. I got the $4.50 cookie cutters, but our autumn leaves cookie cutters were not on sale yet because they weren't considered Halloween merchandise according to the girl that was moving all the Halloween stuff out to make way for Thanksgiving stuff. Also, did you see the chocolate covered marshmallows in the bakery/deli section? They were 50 cents for a bag of 14 marshmallows. We had a girl scout ceremony yesterday and I got 4 bags of yummy marshmallows for $2. That was my big score. I put them on a tray and my asst. leader actually thought I had made them. I told her about the good deal, but threatened her with bodily harm if she told anyone else I hadn't made them. LOL!

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