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Spooky Halloween Trees (Part 2)

Ok so yesterday when I made the Spooky Halloween Tree cookies for my Tricks & Treats workshop, I was NOT happy with them. The cookies were very crumbly and I figured that if the kids went to frost them they would all fall apart and I didn't want that to happen. So I had a couple boxes of brownie mix. I used both boxes and baked them in a half sheet pan for about 30 minutes. I chilled them to make them easier to cut.

At work I cut them into 3x2 rectangles.

After all the kids got their brownies, frosting and decorations I decorated a couple for the parents waiting in the lobby.

I am so glad that I found chocolate twizzlers at Target. They tasted so much better than the black licorice.

I think they came out cute and the frosting was very good! Some of the decorations were from Wilton. Most of the kids picked the Hallow Pumpkin Mix. We also used the 6 mix assortment.

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