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Magic Potion Jars

Magic Potion Jars These magic potion jars are an easy craft project that everyone can enjoy. It is a fun Halloween craft or perfect for celebrating a wizard theme. Materials Needed:Jars with Lids – any sizes and shapes Scrap Fabric or Felt Twine Halloween Scrapbook Paper and stickers
Avery Label (3x4 inch)

Instructions: Wrap your jar with a strip of scrapbook paper. On the label write your magic ingredients; witches warts, eye of newt, dragon's breath etc... Decorate the paper with the stickers.

Cut a piece of fabric or felt about 1-inch larger around than the lid. Place the fabric on the lid, holding it down around the edges, and tie it in place with a piece of twine.

These jars can be left empty and used for decorating purposes or they can be filled with candy or other treats and given as gifts.

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