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July 4th

I totally forgot to take a picture before our friends came. So here is a couple pictures of after.

Amanda frosted and decorated the cupcakes in a cone for me and made cute little smiley faces on them.

Blueberry Tartlets, sorry I cannot share that recipe. It is from Young Chefs Academy and it is from my Kindercooks class. They make the BEST recipes, in my opinion.

These are Sand Trap Tarts, also a Young Chefs Academy from my Kindercooks Class. These are filled with a cheesecake pudding and the Hershey Kiss, was a Kiss filled with Cherry Cordial Creme.


AmyG said...

Wow, it all looks so yummy! I'm going to try several of the recipes you've posted, at future get togethers.

Leanna said...

Everything looks AWESOME. You should open your open bakery lol

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