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My silly girl

So for the last few days, Miss V keeps looking for a package by the front door. Today I asked her what she was looking for, and she said my onion goggles.

OMG I about busted out laughing. Then she started to tear up and said that they must have got lost in the mail.

Ok months ago she asked for onion goggles and a Rachel Ray kids chef knife and glove. I told her to pick one and I will put it on her wish list at Amazon. I totally forgot about it and never did order them.

So I just ordered them and put her name as the person to ship to. I can't wait to find out when they ship and I am not telling her. She will be so surprised!!

BTW she first saw them I think on a Paul Deen show but didn't want pink, she wanted black and green. OMG I really can't wait for them to come.

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