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Homemade Trail Mix

I was getting tired of paying $$$ for a bag of trail mix that would be gone in less that 24 hours. So Victoria and I picked out some items that you can get in bulk and that saved a lot of money. We put the following in it:

Roasted peanuts
Roasted almonds
Sunflower kernels
Dried Cherries
Dried Blueberries
Yogurt covered raisins
Golden raisins
and finally a handful of M&M's

We mix up a big Gladware container every few days, it stays fresher and tastes fresher than what I bought at the store.

What else would be good in trail mix?? If you have suggestions, feel free to put you ideas on the Tagboard on the left of this page.


1 comment:

Danyelle said...

We like sweetened coconut flakes too! Sounds yummy.

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