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Flower cupcakes

I shamelessly stole this idea from of my iVillage girls, Gina.

Victoria asked for funfetti cupcakes, those are her favorite "homemade" flavor. We talked about what color sprinkles she would like and pulled them out from my "baking" cabinet. BUT she had one request, she wanted a red one like a rose.

Last night I baked the cupcakes and let them cool. Then it hit me I don't have anymore green food gel coloring!! ACK!! I will have to play with Royal Blue and Golden Yellow.

This morning while the birthday girl was eating and getting ready for school I mixed up the frosting and finally got it to a pretty green color and started on the petals. All the petals are, cut up marshmellows. It takes extra time, but so worth it if you wash off your knife after each marshmellow. That way the knife isn't sticky and won't have ragged edges.

For the center I used pastel M&M's and a small marshmellow for Victoria's.

So here are the pretty cupcakes.


Victoria's very special cupcake.



dolli said...

Did you flatten the cupcakes a little first?

dolli said...

Oh, I meant marshmallows. Sheesh - the kids are making me crazy today.

Seeker of the Narrow Gate said...

Beautiful! I think they would take me all day to make!

Rebekah said...

super cute! I love those!

Kristen said...

I am making these for our Mother's Day lunch. I just re-read this. Am I right that you iced and decorated these before school???? Our house is WAY too chaotic in the morning for anything outside of getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth. I'll let you know how long it takes us to ice ours.

annestuckey said...

These creations are amazing! I am impressed! I hope to try out some recipes soon! :)

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